SASO Industries

SASO industries is a Nigerian manufacturing company that produces dishwashing liquid, detergent, toilet, and laundry soaps. Their aim is to create value for stakeholders by delivering quality products, through continuous improvement, innovation, and sustainable business practices. SASO consists of 8 brands that produce similar products. Its sales representatives are spread across the southwestern region of Nigeria. 

Due to the remote location of some of their sales representatives, the sales managers had trouble verifying if all their sales personnel were visiting the right customers. It was also difficult for sales managers to efficiently process sales orders and know the spread of their distributors. This was due to the fact that they had no system in place to monitor transactions and take orders. Sales representatives were taking orders on WhatsApp, which made it practically impossible for each order to be uniquely identified. Keeping track of orders and revisiting past orders was very difficult, and sometimes order information was lost when mobile phone memories’ were completely erased. Sales managers were also burdened by repetitive administrative tasks such as order processing, inventory management, customer tracking, and information sharing. 

Benefits of the SENRI System

Sales Team Management

With the implementation of the SENRI software, SASO has been able to expand their reach and track their sales reps a lot better. With the Visit Report function, managers are able to track the number of visits made by the sales representatives and the location of the customers who are signed on by the salespersons. The managers receive real-time reports from the sales executives and they can provide real-time feedback and guidance to their field team. The Visit Report function makes it possible to track all the reps across the country with ease. Managers can set targets for their teams using the Target Management function. They are also able to track the implementation of sales strategies using the Activity Report function on the SENRI system. The most and least effective team members can be easily be identified, making it possible for managers to know the best sales representatives for their teams and to set incentives that motivate team members.

Inventory Management

SASO has been able to keep track of the number of stocks its distributors have of each product using the Product Report function. The Photo function on the SENRI Report format can be used by merchandisers or the sales team to take pictures of the shelf and aisle arrangement of products in stores. Management often uses this information to track the representation of all its brands nationwide. 

Customer Interactions

The implementation of the SENRI system has also helped with customer profiling. The Transaction and Payment Management functions are used to track customers’ purchase history, demographic, and collect behavioral data. Managers can monitor individual customer interactions and track responses to sales and marketing campaigns. The Schedule Function is used to schedule appointments with current and potential customers.

Opportunity Management & Data Analysis

Sales personnel can create reports in less than an hour because they are able to track business transactions such as returns, outstanding payment, and collections using the Payment Management Function on the mobile App. The reports generated are used in marketing plans and in adjusting sales strategies. Managers can keep tabs on the activities of sales executives by checking the dashboard of the SENRI system. They can monitor sales activities such as the number of visits made by each sales rep,  the time of the first and last visits to customers, and field sales reports. This way, SASO is able to identify pipeline opportunities that can propel their business in the market. Since SENRI is a blend of both SFA and CRM software, it is also able to boost opportunity management by showing the potency and the possible success rate of tasks and opportunities within each pipeline. For example, SASO uses the Product Report Function to get information on competitors selling price, they can use their findings to set a competitive selling price for their products. 

How SASO has Expanded Since SENRI

  • Since the implementation of the SENRI system, sales managers have been able to monitor the activities of the sales teams more efficiently. This made it possible for them to expand their sales team by 33%, thus expanding their reach across the country. 
  • There has been an increase in the number of distributors and customers of each brand nationwide. This has led to an increase in sales revenue.
  • There is an increase in brand awareness since the company is able to find out the stock levels of their distributors easily and there is a harmonious transfer of products between warehouses and vendors.