• Who uses SENRI?

    About Industry: SENRI covers wide range of businesses who deal with FMCG to B2B ー Foods, Cosmetics, Toiletary, Stationary, Vehicle, Pharmaceutical, Package.

    About Department: SENRI supports managements to improve productivity of any types of field staff including sales reps, van sales, merchandiser, MR, technician, etc.

    About Characteristics of Company: SENRI is currently working with international majour company and medium-to-large local companies

  • What is Objectives and outcomes of SENRI?

    Objectives are to maximize productivities of field staff and its team, moreover to facilitate strategic decision-making for sales and field activities.

    Most of our customers have different outcomes from SENRI by different ways management dashboard, order and stock management, real-time reporting, etc.

    Our support team are here to support you in identifying how to use SENRI to solve your challenges in the field.

  • Do field staff resist using SENRI?

    SENRI has advantages not only for who manage team but also field staff, such as minimizing time to spare reporting.

    Field staff may feel challenge to change their way of reporting or ordering, but in a few days, they gets used to it, due to simple function and interface of SENRI and our support via whatsapp, call, or even direct visit.

  • Do we need IT experts?

    SENRI aims at being simple for any users and strongly sets focus on improving user interface and experience.

    Actually, our customers started and continue using SENRI without IT experts.

    It is less likely but if you face any challenges, you local SENRI team helps.

  • How does SENRI ensure security of our information?

    About access to SENRI: SENRI issues single account ID and PW to each members, and admin user of each company can check logs, suspend users and provide different levels of permits to users.

    About storage of data: All SENRI data and information are encrypted and transmitted.

    SENRI adopts Amazon Web Services(AWS), the same server as financial institute and public sector, located in Germany.

  • Does mobile app for field staff work in the areas without the internet?

    Yes, field staff can take order and create report without the internet on app.

    Those data are stored on app while offline and as soon as it gets online, data are transmitted.

    GPS also operates without the internet.

  • How much data does your app use every month?

    On averages, 100MB and at maximum, 300MB.

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