How to simplify your van sales management with SENRI

Van sales are crucial for promoting and developing some industries, but managing the entire process can be a challenge. SENRI understands the complexities involved and offers a range of functions to streamline your van sales team’s daily activities.

Our functions include:

1. Sub-inventory and sales recording

Our sub-inventory function tracks inventory from the start of the day to the end, managing stock additions and reductions by recording sales by sales staff and stock additions by inventory staff.

2. Stock request and stock reconciliation

Van sales teams can request stock when remaining stock in vans is low, and managers can approve or edit/reject them in SENRI. Our stock reconciliation functions allow sales staff to report damage or returns.

3. Expense management

Our expense function helps van sales teams manage fuel expenses by reporting the amount, receipt photos, and usage.

4. Tax affairs and payment integration *Offering at selected countries only

4.1 Tax affairs: Integration with KRA/TRA approved devices

SENRI sales data can be integrated with tax registration devices approved by the Kenya Revenue Authority and Tanzania Revenue Authority, reducing tax registration work.

4.2 Payment: Integration with mPesa Xpress

Managers may want to stop dealing with cash payment. Our integration with the mPesa Xpress API allows sales staff to validate payments in the field and enables managers to view payment history back in the office, making cash management more efficient.

Simplify your van sales management with SENRI today.