Phamatex Nigeria Limited Case Study

Company Profile

Phamatex Nigeria Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company with national coverage in Nigeria. The company was founded in 1994 with an aim to provide pharmaceutical products and smoothen the supply chain from the manufacturer to health institutions.

The company has since then established itself as a major supplier. Its portfolio includes pharmaceutical products, such as Amoxigran, Erotab, Colospan, Hovid.

They have a large sales team and a huge customer profile that trusts the company for its reliability

Basic Work of field team

Phamatex Nigeria Limited sales team is required to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Go around the country, visiting hospitals and institutions to obtain pharmaceutical products orders. After taking the orders, they then process them and ensure that the products are delivered from the store to the specific customer.
  2. The team also visits Pharmacy stores and distributors to market Phamatex Nigeria Limited’s products and raise awareness. This is to get new clients onboard and spread the company’s coverage in new regions.

Challenges to solve

Before Phamatex Nigeria Limited implemented the SENRI system, they faced the following challenges:

  • Sales reps tracking: Phamatex Nigeria Limited was experiencing issues while trying to track their sales team’s activities in the field. This was especially difficult because the reps are spread out all over the country. The company was not able to tell whether the reps visited their customers and how frequently they did so.
  • Central data recording: They also had difficulties recording, monitoring and delivering customer orders on time. It previously took a lot of time for the sales orders to get processed.

Benefits of the SENRI System

Phamatex Nigeria Limited has made significant strides since SENRI was implemented. They have been able to solve their challenges and do more.

They have been able to achieve the following:

  • Tracking of Sales Team
    • What SENRI Does
      • Activity Report: The SENRI system comes with built-in GPS tracking function. This helps the management have an overview of reps’ activities on the field, using the individual activity report page. The management can also get a detailed overview of the reps visits, such as check-in and check-out time. This function works even in areas with poor internet connection. The reps can be tracked even when they’re in remote locations.
      • Schedule Function: This helps the management to itemise reps itinerary. It also enables them to know whether the sales staff are meeting their targets and working as they are required.
  • Changes Happened to Team
    • The reps became more conscious of the need to make customer visits. They recognize that if they don’t use the app to capture visit details, their manager will assume they did not work. This is because on such days, reports, sales orders etc do not come through their SENRI App.
    • The managers now have an idea of where reps will visit through the schedule management. The managers can also quantify the numbers of schedules met based on what the reps have set through the App.
    • Before the SENRI system was implemented in Phamatex Nigeria Limited, it was difficult for the management to know in real-time which specific products were being sold to which specific client.
  • Business Development
    • What SENRI Does
      • Customer Profiling: The Transaction and Payment Management Function is used to monitor clients’ purchase history and demographics. This helps classify registered customers into primary and secondary customers.
      • Customer Mapping: SENRI app enables the sales staff to chart their customers’ location whenever they visit them. This helps the management to know where their customers are located.
  • Changes Happened to Team
    • The team can now actually verify the numbers of specialists (doctors etc) that sales reps serve in hospitals and institutions.
    • The management is now able to track their coverage and customer distribution. This helps them determine where they may need to introduce their products and expand their network.


In conclusion, SENRI as a tool for managing field sales operations has been helpful for Phamatex Nigeria Limited. The management relies on data obtained from SENRI web to verify the activities of their medical reps.